Fun Saturday in Detroit

I guess this will be the very first blog I will be posting :) I am finally stepping out of my comfort zone, move beyond my lazy self, and actually utilize my blog space I set up few years ago.

So here we go! 

My friend Lisa was moving back to L.A. after a temporary stay in Detroit for her dissertation research and wanted to check out few spots before she left. We packed our Saturday with full of activities. First, we fed our hungry bellies with delicious food trucks parked at Eastern Market and the yellow jackets had a communal feast over our food as well. 

The second place on our bucket list was to visit John K. King Used & Rare Books Store in Cork Town. I have been meaning to check out this charming bookstore since I learned of its existence back in 2009. Finally, I can cross this off the list :) What a charming place! 

Afterwards, we checked out Dally in the Alley in Mid Town.

Enjoy my amateur photos :)

Eastern Market bustling with so much energy and bright fresh colors!

A sign of Fall that I am not sure if I'm ready to acknowledge. I'm still grasping at the tail end of fleeting Summer.

So charming!

He noticed I was taking a photo of him and posed for me. I wish I had cash with me at the time to contribute to his tip bucket but I didn't. Next time, I see him performing, I'll make sure to part him with double tip :)

I missed the only sign that stated "no photos" at the main entrance. By the time I read the sign, I was already leaving the building with a camera that had a couple of contraband shots. I just couldn't delete the images even after I discovered the sign. They were just too charming! I couldn't resist but post this photo I snapped of this magical interior and share it. I'm a rebel. But I do feel a tinge of guilt for breaking their rule.

A view of downtown Detroit from this charming bookstore. 

Dally in the Alley 2015

City Bird Entrance