Ludington_Camping with Friends

Ah, we made it back to Ludington State Park this year! We were blessed with absolutely beautiful weather in late September! How many folks and creatures can you fit in two reserved camp site? Well, two reserved campsites equals up to 13 humans and 5 dogs, going on hikes, swimming, making endless smores, and watching shooting stars ;-)

My mornings at Ludington started with hiking up the sand dunes by myself with a yoga towel tucked under my arm and a camera hanging off of my neck to a scenic spot to meditate and holding my yoga practice on this secluded hill, overlooking the lake as the Sun made its way up. There I was, soaking in the view as everything glistened softly and reflecting the subtle golden shimmer light from the Sun while the rest of the world was still asleep. My mind started to cleanse itself of any toxins, washing away all the built up stress and negative thoughts until they no longer suffocated me. The soothing sound of gentle breeze and soft waves of the lake, easing me into my presence, finding serenity in my heart. It felt simply, so humbling and so magical, sitting up there by myself, getting a chance to reflect on my thoughts and allowing myself to get to know myself a bit more on a deeper level. I was blissed out of my mind :D

It was such a well balanced weekend for me. I had the chance to explore my spirituality and have a moment or two of reflection but also the chance to just feel liberated, untethered and share so many laughs and good times with my friends and furry friends. That's what life is about, at its happiest, right? Just surround by great group of people who love each other!