Blake's Cider Mill

To properly celebrate Chuseok in an American style, John and I drove to a cider mill. Chuseok is a major holiday in Korea. Think of it as the Asian version of Thanksgiving, minus the Native Americans, pilgrims, and the turkey. Christmas in Korea isn't as big of a deal as it is here. It's more commercialized and kind of treated like Valentine's day. Chuseok is actually bigger than Christmas in Korea. All the extended families gather and fill their tummies with amazing home cooked meals and share laughter. It sure was one of my favorite holidays in Korea and it still is. What's not to like about being in the presence of people who love you, eating good food, and it's celebrated on my favorite season of all, Fall. Fall weather in Korea is so gorgeous! It's sunny with blue sky, leaves changing colors, and the perfect pleasant temperature to be out and about. I dream of one day, returning home with my better half, to celebrate and be in the presence of my loving family and relatives on Chuseok and be able to share the joy of my favorite Korean holiday with John. But for now, it'll be picking apples at a cider mill and feasting on Korean food at a restaurant since I don't know how to make my people's food. Visiting cider mills in the early Fall is the way to go. You are in the grace of Summer-like temperature. Just don't wear sandals like me and get stung by a yellow jacket. I've never been stung by a bee before and now, I know how painful that is..especially on my pinky toe :( I'm not proud to admit this, but I turned into a big cry baby. The bee held on so long, injecting venom onto my poor little pinky toe. The scene was almost comical but nonetheless tragic for my toe and the bee that had to be smacked by my rescuer in order to free my toe.